Josh Elman

Josh Elman


As a Product Manager/Leader I've helped build: Twitter, Facebook Connect, Robinhood, LinkedIn. As a VC at Greylock, I've invested in / been on board: Medium, Discord,, SmartThings, and more

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I love the National Parks and their game Trekking the National Parks nails the theme and then offers great gameplay with multiple strategies to win
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Our design team loves collaborating in Figma. I mostly just get to add comments.
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I wear them every day. Became an investor after I finally found shoes that fit me perfectly.
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Listening to Podcasts, and accessing better maps and Waze
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I like to read longer books and try to get a little bit in every day
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Daily reading on what the world is talking about
So easy to organize and manipulate complex information. I avoid spreadsheets now
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