Founder/ Creative person. Having fun building some of the most badass cosmetic/beauty brands in the world.

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High quality, clean skincare! Great packaging,, looks awesome on your shelf.
Jonhurwi stacked Brave
Chrome uses up way too much %cpu. Switched to Brave and very happy with how much quicker it is. Privacy also a + 👊🏻
Jonhurwi stacked Shift
Instead of having my standard stack of daily use apps/sites open in my browser I keep them open in stack. Keeps my browser from getting cluttered and gives easy access to the all the time sites.
Jonhurwi stacked Glossier
BubbleWrap is my current go to product for dark circles under my eyes. It’s light, feels good and makes me look somewhat less demented when I’m low on sleep. 👀 + great packaging
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I have bought many a fitness gimmick over the last 10 years but this is something I keep coming back to. The proflex helps get a more neural stretch of the ankle and calf compared to stretch bands or traditional ankle stretches.
This the best smelling, non greasy hand balm/lotion. Also clean with high quality ingredients. Highly recommend.
A masterclass in building relatable, modern, successful brands.
Jonhurwi stacked Forest
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