Jonathan Grahl | Bittermandel

Entrepreneur within Cloud Native/Fullstack web development. Building in the Nordics!

#product-management, #startups, #startup, #learning, #journalism, #marketing, #freelancing 
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No framework has been as productive for me as Django. For personal use, prototyping or large-scale projects, it has proven amazing for all of them!
Going full meta over here. Enjoying hearing more about specific products and why people use them!
Kostas Christidis
It's just so easy to get into, fast enough for my uses and extensions for every technology that I work with on a daily basis!
Basically the most easily read UI for me. Dark mode is essential!
It's so engaging for me to dive into economics of MMORPGs. World of Warcraft is my latest love!
The only email product I've been consistently happy with. Wish I could use the Gmail UI for my ProtonMail as well.
As a non-native speaker, Grammarly has been invaluable for me to write the best content that I can!
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