John Luke Garofalo

John Luke Garofalo


Founder at Front Yard Fantasy

#fantasyfootball, #dog, #product-design, #mediation, #ux, #football, #product 
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The noise cancellation is top quality for ear buds. Can sometimes fall out but a huge improvement over gen 1 AirPods.
Grammerly is a great tool for anyone who is writing. The NLP & sentiment analysis is pretty good.
K1 - Quality mechanical keyboard for macs. Slimmer profile to help with wrist pain or carpal tunnel. Little loud but it's mechanical so it's expected. Dope RGBs
Really comfortable active noise-canceling headphones. I can wear them all day without head/ear pain which is huge. Adjustable noise cancellation too.
Happy tush, happy life.
Auxy is a sleek mobile music maker. I've used it for many years and they've come a long way. Samples are much better than competitors.
Great, supportive community for software engineering. Run by thoughtful leaders and a very nice resource.
IndieHackers is by far the best community for those who want to start internet businesses.
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