John Luke Garofalo

John Luke Garofalo


Founder at Front Yard Fantasy

#fantasyfootball, #dog, #product-design, #mediation, #ux, #football, #product 
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A really beautiful, professional survey experience. It's a bit pricey and could be more versatile, but it's one of the best survey products out there.
Surzayon GhoshAaron
The noise cancellation is top quality for ear buds. Can sometimes fall out but a huge improvement over gen 1 AirPods.
Grammerly is a great tool for anyone who is writing. The NLP & sentiment analysis is pretty good.
K1 - Quality mechanical keyboard for macs. Slimmer profile to help with wrist pain or carpal tunnel. Little loud but it's mechanical so it's expected. Dope RGBs
Really comfortable active noise-canceling headphones. I can wear them all day without head/ear pain which is huge. Adjustable noise cancellation too.
Happy tush, happy life.
Auxy is a sleek mobile music maker. I've used it for many years and they've come a long way. Samples are much better than competitors.
Great, supportive community for software engineering. Run by thoughtful leaders and a very nice resource.
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