John Gillespie

John Gillespie

@johngiIlespieĀ Ā

Multidisciplinary designer and front-end developer with the United Nations in New York

#data, #development, #prototyping, #meditation, #ux, #freelancing, #podcastĀ +25
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John GillespieĀ stackedĀ Sketch
Only a few functions aside, this UI-design focused app should make Adobe Illustrator justifiably jealous, and XD still struggles to compete.
A very good, managed WordPress hosting provider used for the last year, who consistently rank among the top providers
UNDP do substantive work on the ground, promoting and helping to implement sustainable development initiatives around the world.
If one good thing comes out of 2020, it's the reminder of the need for collective solutions for collective problems, the original reason for the United Nation's founding.
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Used for local LAMP development for years without issue
I've tried to like Canva just like I tried to eat 1980s hippy food when my father turned vegetarian ā€”Ā Spark gets almost everything right and is more fun to use than almost everything else in Creative Cloud
Lightroom for mobile is even better than it's desktop elder brother, and one of the few areas in which Adobe are innovating
Some claim LastPass is best, but I suspect they're the kind of people who thought Windows 95 excelled in UI
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