jess moran.

jess moran.


SQA Engineer @ ASICS Digital/Runkeeper. Working in e-comm but interested in all areas of technology. Northeastern University alum. Boston/NJ.

#testing, #photo, #programming, #photography, #customer, #product-design, #music +12
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jess moran. stacked Pock
Makes my Touch Bar useful for the first time
jess moran. stacked Venmo
who carries cash?
jess moran. stacked Waze
helps me avoid the Jersey shore traffic in the summer
jess moran. stacked Lyft
living in the city without a car made possible
share and store photos and files
love the personalized playlists
always researching my next trip
jess moran. stacked Slack
keeps me in touch with my team while not needing email
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