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Jessy CormierĀ stackedĀ Angular
A fantastic front-end framework allowing for rapid development that scales to any project complexity. Active online developer community with tons of plugin development.
Jessy CormierĀ stackedĀ Bootstrap
A fantastic starter CSS framework to get a project looking familiar to end users.
Jessy CormierĀ stackedĀ Discord
Hangout, game, connect
Jessy CormierĀ stackedĀ 1Password
Canadian password management solution!
Jessy CormierĀ stackedĀ Miro
What an amazing "whiteboard" product with amazing collaboration features. This really does help enhance any collaboration efforts when planning out something.
Kevin (themailman)Wilhelm Rahn
An all around great android experience. Fast phone with great photography features.
Blocks ads of course. Prevents tracking for targeted ads as best as it can.
Jessy CormierĀ stackedĀ Gmail
Easy to use interface, threaded replies, easy to access on the platforms I use.
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