Jeremy Caplan

Jeremy Caplan


Father of 2 | Educator, Learner | Past: Time Magazine Journalist

#journalism, #reading, #podcast, #parent, #learning, #teaching, #violin +3
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Jeremy Caplan stacked Grain
Excellent tool for snagging a brief highlight clip of just a minute or two from a Zoom presentation to share with participants for following-up afterwards. Helps to be able to click and drag from the transcript to select just the part I want to save and share.
Jeremy Caplan stacked Loom
Quick, easy way to share a visual explanation and to let people add time-coded comments and questions. Easy to use for screencasts or for short teaching or demo videos. Simple UI.
Jeremy Caplan stacked TextExpander
Great for auto-expanding addresses, signatures, common phrases, fast no thank you replies, faqs, and anything else you type multiple times each month.
Jeremy Caplan stacked Coda
Great document-creation tool for creating interactive documents. 3 reasons to use it: 1) easy to add interactivity and embed multimedia 2) easy to toggle material to keep docs elegant and 3) docs look great on mobile and each separate section can be a separate "tab" on mobile
Awesome way to create slides out of a Notion page. Just use any Notion page with Heading 1 and 2 styles. Paste in the link and you're all set with an elegant way to present your Notion page in a virtual meeting. Also works with Trello. Works well and easy to use.
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Jeremy Caplan stacked Alfred
6 reasons: Quickly launch apps; find my documents, presentations and PDFs; paste clipboard things copied earlier in the day; paste common snippets like address, signature, and common replies; search Google, Amazon, Wikipedia quicker; launch workflows like opening multiple sites
Jeremy Caplan stacked Airtable
Turns spreadsheets into elegant visual information sets that can be remixed in various ways for easy data exploration. Plus the Web Clipper is the best way to efficiently get lots of stuff from the Web into a spreadsheet automatically.
Jeremy Caplan stacked Notion
Super flexible. Lets you build pages out of so many different kinds of blocks, from embeds to nice-looking text or image blocks. You can assemble something quickly & easily to share w/ others or you can use it to keep track of your own thoughts or work in a clean, polished way.
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