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Jeano stacked DICE
No more searching for my ticket. Haven't used it long but the recommendations have been great. You can also connect your Spotify account for better recommendations. The UI is unusually busy, but it works.
Ryan Hoover
One of my favourite books of all time. Habits can be a pain to make or break, and I love how James breaks it down & explains in a straight forward way. Sign up to his newsletter too!
Julielindsay fuceColeman Foley
While I haven't used these questions on my mom, it provides a lot of great examples and guidance on how to make the most of interviews and feedback. I try to ask these kinds of questions in all areas of my life now.
Jeano stacked WorkFlowy
It let's you create infinite nested lists if you tend to have ideas and notes that need to be organised quickly. Zoom into each shareable sub-list to take away the noise from the rest of the list. Use tags to connect thoughts.
Coleman Foley
Slides mobile app saved my butt when I couldn't see my notes on the screen provided
Jeano stacked Google Docs
Docs on the go A folder structure that makes sense
Helps me to maximise my time on this earth
Jeano stacked Trello
Moving around cards to DONE is one of my favourite things
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