Joe Davini

Joe Davini


#WebDeveloper #SheSocial | #Sports Enthusiast | Lover of #Coffee. I drink a lot of #coffee | I have the best #dog | @TheFancySister

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One of my favorite books. The determination and passion of Phil Knight was special.
So comfy and easy to use!
Joe Davini stacked Stoop
Keeps all my email newsletters organized for me!
Switched from Amazon Music to Spotify and I love it. Have discovered so much new music that I listen to regularly now.
Best way to unsubscribe and learn info on the senders!
Big fan of Mailbrew as it helps curate the news I like in my email for different subjects on a schedule I like. It's easy!
Absolutely the easiest tool to use. Plus creating a gif and using it for scrolling is amazing!
Joe Davini stacked Loom
Super easy and convenient!
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