Chandler Gonzales

Chandler Gonzales

@jcgsvilleĀ Ā

Full stack software engineer, entrepreneur, occasional Twitter user

#basketball, #podcast, #internet, #sustainability, #product-management, #data, #prototypingĀ +5
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Chandler GonzalesĀ stackedĀ Calm
Mostly for sleep, occasionally for meditation
Much clean, very search
Chandler GonzalesĀ stackedĀ Figma
Collaboration is key in my work with designers, and Figma has the best collaboration tools
Unmatched tech strategy analysis
Search functionality is unmatched
Provides an end-to-end workflow for my photo management, even if it is a bit expensive.
Chandler GonzalesĀ stackedĀ Brave
The privacy features are definitely what set this apart. I can't be ~completely~ consumed by Google, Apple, and Microsoft
I've found it's the best cross-platform todo app. Great design, all the features I want. Well worth the small fee.
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