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JC stacked Tl:dl
Great new product for bookmarking podcasts!!
Learned so much on relationships and living in the present.. Good book, 10/10
Last book I read, tells the early days of id Software and the creation of the first person shooter (Doom + Quake + Wolfenstein). Pizza, soda cans, metal rock, and hackers are the best combo :) Without the "Two Johns", the gaming industry as we know it would never be the same.
JC stacked ecamm live
Just used it for the first time in one of my streams.. Nice for wanting to share screen + camera
JC stacked Krisp
Working with family members + a dog at home, works awesome and blocks sound for most of my calls
JC stacked HEY
Love this new take on email.. very nicely done by DHH, Jason and the team @basecamp
JC stacked Ray Dalio
Dalio has some pretty good insights in how he runs Bridgewater, great story also.
JC stacked Loom
For my screen recordings :)
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