Jayme Hoffman

Jayme Hoffman


Entrepreneur, product advisor/investor and breakfast taco fanatic 🌮

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I've been using @vimcal for 3 days and already a huge fan. - Thoughtful keyboard shortcuts (1-key join meeting) - Lightning-fast availability sharing (> calendly & mixmax) - Time zone scheduling windows - Beautiful interface 😍 Highly recommend.
Roam organizes my unorganized thoughts so that I can focus on thinking.
Tiktok-easy and fun product analytics
Eliminates redundant typing and copy/paste. Saves me a ton of time scheduling meetings and getting information from people. Wish I had this years ago.
Easiest way to defend your money and manage spending. The app is beautifully designed and takes all the guesswork out of budgeting. I can't recommend Copilot enough.
So much power hidden behind a beautifully simple product. Can't recommend Amplitude enough.
Smooth taste, easy to make and strong kick.
Keeps coffee hot for days
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