Jayme Hoffman

Jayme Hoffman


Entrepreneur, product advisor/investor and breakfast taco fanatic 🌮

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Easiest way to defend your money and manage spending. The app is beautifully designed and takes all the guesswork out of budgeting. I can't recommend Copilot enough.
So much power hidden behind a beautifully simple product. Can't recommend Amplitude enough.
Smooth taste, easy to make and strong kick.
Keeps coffee hot for days
The consistent wifi, google assistant and decent speaker make this one of my favorite purchases 🤖
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The combination of strategy, randomness, zero and non zero sum games and simplicity make this the greatest board game of all time.
Snoo helped 👶Henry, Kate and I all get more sleep during the first few months.
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My wife and I use Houzz to fix up our house in Nashville. The photos and boards help us communicate what we want to service providers.
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