Jayme Hoffman

Jayme Hoffman


Product entrepreneur, husband & new dad // Exploring something new 🚀

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Snoo helped 👶Henry, Kate and I all get more sleep during the first few months.
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My wife and I use Houzz to fix up our house in Nashville. The photos and boards help us communicate what we want to service providers.
Gripmaster is hands down the best tool that I've found for keeping your hands strong, flexible and feeling good.
Favorite cup for ☕coffee or 🥃bourbon.
My office is next to our kitchen. My 👶1yr old gets pretty vocal when he's hungry, doesn't like the food in front of him and when mom doesn't let him sit in an adult chair. Krisp mutes all of Henry's frustrations when I'm on calls.
Lightweight domain registrar.
You can start almost any web project with webflow.
Slack-style emoji shortcuts for every app and website 🙌
YourStack Mascot