Juan Vaamonde

Juan Vaamonde


Designer at Cochlear & building Famillio

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Huxley unfolds before the reader a lush & lucid tale of his experience on mescaline. His honest prose conjures the totality of the perceptions which flowed over the surface of his awareness, raw, naked, unbound by language. Yet somehow we glimpse and taste it through his words.
A no-nonsense comprehensive primer to product management from the team at Intercom. Compiled from many separate blog posts, it covers key topics from getting a handle on your digital product, understanding what to tackle next and the ways you can approach it. Oh and it's free. 🎁
Let two humble Canadian portfolio managers with a love for facts, research & dispelling myths, guide you through the slings & arrows of investing. Covering the current investment climate, common questions, investment scenarios, with fascinating guests. Git gud, but responsibly 📈
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Ryan Singer thinks about product strategy like a mad scientist, rethinking common product concepts & processes, his articles & tweets have changed the way I work. Now he's packaged Basecamp's process into a free book. Me: "Doc inject it into my veins." (Must read: 🍞Breadboards)
Sketch's UI & shortcuts plus... seamless Google Docs-like real-time-multi-user-collab, cloud storage, inspect like Invision and Zeplin, decent prototyping, commenting for stakeholders, amazing performance, available on Web/Mac/PC, & recently added: plugins & in-file linking. 👌🏼
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Reddit is perfect for keeping up with content on every topic that interests me. If it’s a book, movie, show, app or hobby, there's a subreddit for it. Mourn GOT's crappy ending: r/FreeFolk, learn complex stuff: r/ExplainLikeImFive, catch up on what you missed: r/OutOfTheLoop
My thoughts are in Notion, Music is in Spotify, and all my files are in Dropbox. Have used it for many years, and I still remember how life changing it was when I switched from using USB drives which would erase themselves randomly.
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Allows me to do everything I need to do in my day to day, design work and personal stuff, and elegantly and smoothly. Has access to some great apps. Also the only OS for the Mac hardware I'm addicted to.
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