Jake Steinerman

Jake Steinerman


Senior #AR Engineer @ptc/@vuforia. Big fan of all things future. Go Blue.

#cooking, #prototyping, #fitness, #podcast, #car, #programmation, #snowboarding +10
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Next gen wireless VR. Great for workouts and socializing with friends while in lockdown
Incredible internet speeds using space lasers!
It's one of the few VR apps I use on a regular basis 3+ times a week, and the only workout app I've actually stuck with! Great music, great trainers, and I break a SERIOUS sweat after just a 20-minute session.
Calum Webb
Great way to stay in touch with family while staying in at home
How I'm getting fed, since I can't go to the supermarket.
This is the premier spatial computing headset on the market today. It's great hand tracking, wide FOV and comfort make it a joy to use.
Coleman FoleyCalum Webbvicky flores najas
Comfortable, well made, and love the bamboo design
Great way to escape the world, and break a sweat!
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