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jake stacked AeroPress
that inverted method tho
Bought them because of yourstack
Ryan Hoover
jake stacked Robinhood
Snapchat for stocks
Elegant small form factor PC case for my Ryzen box
jake stacked HEY
Beautifully rethought email. It's missing some features but I'm committed for at least a year.
Rahul ChowdhuryCalum WebbPratik Gandhi
I've used Suitcase, Font Explorer, and now RightFont. I have a LOT of fonts and end up using Typekit more often than not, I may give up on font management soon.
jake stacked Elektron
During quarantine, I've had a lot of fun with Elektron's Model:Samples. It is a sample player / groovebox with a mean sequencer and easy to use USB interface for loading samples or recording audio.
jake stacked Descript
The future of transcription.. and more
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