Jason Crawford

Jason Crawford


I write about the history of technology & industry at rootsofprogress.org Previously: co-founder & CEO, Fieldbook; engineering manager at Flexport and Amazon

#economic-history, #economics, #progress-studies, #history 
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A different gorgeous desktop background each day. Different “channels” let you switch themes or have variety across multiple monitors. Pair with Momentum dashboard
Alexandre MouriecRyan HooverDavid
A nice Ruby-based static site generator. I have built and continue to maintain multiple sites in Jekyll, including The Roots of Progress (rootsofprogress.org) and my personal homepage (jasoncrawford.org)
AaronMike CoutermarshAnna
The best modern text-editor-that-is-not-quite-an-IDE-but-almost. I've mostly moved to VSCode for coding, but still use Sublime for editing Markdown (e.g., for static sites in Jekyll)
A nice modern IDE, great for working with TypeScript
The perfect new-browser-tab experience: a gorgeous picture, the time, and an optional daily goal you can type in. Helps keep you focused instead of distracting you
Ryan HooverKPCarmel DeAmicis
Beautiful and functional note-taking app for Apple users (Mac + iOS). I was sold on the tagging system, which is easy to use and supports hierarchical tagging
NavalColeman Foley
Best way to manage multiple Twitter accounts (e.g., for a brand), or to keep tabs on a Twitter search term. Also a good way to tweet something without being tempted to check your main timeline
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Really well-designed globes of all kinds—Earth, the Moon, Jupiter, etc. Solar-powered with an internal motor, they turn by themselves when exposed to light. Very nice piece of decor
Luisa BrimbleCalum WebbNaval
YourStack Mascot