Sara Campbell

Sara Campbell


Communications and marketing strategist and writer of Tiny Revolutions, a newsletter about managing depression.

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As a password apocalypse approached, I turned to 1Password for an answer. It was the right move.
For group chats sans big brother.
Shama ShamsudeenTudor Plugaru
I don't use this for anything but fitness. And it was worth every penny.
Because I'm old school. I order these in big boxes in purple and green.
I love these notebooks - just good old fashioned paper notebooks for getting it all down. I'm partial to the unlined sketch notebooks, which give me more creative license. (I can't be contained!) Bonus points for the fun covers and designs on the front.
Ryan HooverAaron
Sometimes you need somebody to ready you a story.
Borrowing Kindle books from the LA Public Library has been an absolute game changer for me, as I have a costly book buying habit. I still buy books when I know I'll want to keep them around, but it's amazing to be able to get things on a whim for free. Long live the library!
Shama Shamsudeen
Smart community of accomplished women who are genuine and willing to help. Have made some great connections.
Lanre Akinyemi
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