Sara Campbell

Sara Campbell


Communications and marketing strategist and writer of Tiny Revolutions, a newsletter about mental and emotional fitness.

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I don't drink or smoke anymore, but my Sriracha addiction is raging out of control
Gotta hand it to Apple. This is the best hardware product I've bought in a long time.
High quality incense made in Kyoto for more than 200 years. Great for meditation or just adding ambiance to your home -- smell is such an underappreciated sense!
Can't live without this device. Can't live without books.
This was the first book that taught me in very concrete terms about how to be a scientist about your emotions. How to notice them, how to channel them, how they are the key to finding the life that is right for you. Dr. Harriet Lerner is an under-appreciated American genius.
Maxwell WhiteRyan HooverAaron
As a password apocalypse approached, I turned to 1Password for an answer. It was the right move.
For group chats sans big brother.
Shama ShamsudeenTudor Plugaru
I don't use this for anything but fitness. And it was worth every penny.
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