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It's the same sturdy bike I've come to know in the studio and the same instructors I love to ride with on video. There's Peloton, but I'm a SoulCycle vibe guy all the way. There's the cost, but I gotta tell you, what a treat in the Time of Corona it is to be moving my body again.
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The screening plus triage combo has resulted in fewer and more concentrated time in my inbox and being less twitchy about the urge to constantly check my mail. Routing non essential updates to the Feed turns it into a leisurely and enjoyable browsing news feed like read.
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Doesn't happen often but every two or three decades, I fall head over heals in love with a new lens. Razor sharp but smooth. True to the quality of light. Helps me see the world the way I want to see it.
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Loopwheeler in Japan doggedly keeps the 60's technology of loop wheel looms alive. The 24rpm output was displaced by 30X faster modern machines. But, it produces an unparalleled dense yet soft material obvious upon first touch. They can't make many but these sweats are special.
A triumph of design by Dr. Land in every way. The impossibly 'folds down to an inch' form in beautiful leather finish is timeless. Putting the power supply in the film cartridge was genius (why my 1972 model still works). I will keep this treasure alive through continued use.
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You have to persevere for installation & approval but once it's in, even if you don't have solar panels like me, you can arbitrage and pull down electricity at the off peak rates and run your house off the battery during peak times. And no brown or black outs!
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A deep dive into the affordable housing crisis through the lens of what is happening in the Bay Area. It will give you a much more nuanced understanding of the complexity of the housing puzzle with NIMBY, YIMBY, zoning, and even crusading nuns.
The Command-K overlay to the keyboard shortcut interface a genius simple and powerful. It is like being on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise to navigate and hyper-jump in email space.
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