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James Beshara


Investor: Gusto, ThirdLove, RigUp, Mercury, Bolt, Halo Top, LTSE, Recess, Haus, ZeroDown, 45+ ∣ Founder, Author, Podcaster @GoBelowTheLine #MentalHealthIsWealth

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Simplest way to start a premium podcast from your own home or office. Everything you need, including setup consultation *and* editing for your first 2 episodes. A premium one-stop-shop to getting started.
Calum WebbRyan Hoover
YouTube Premium? After they figured out all the branding / identity crises to name it Premium versus Red or other things, I gave this a try. Ad-free YouTubing. The lack of ads, the education content, and recommendation engine is why it's now my favorite media option I have!
Sean Boltondevnall./scott
For asynchronous meetings/presentations/verbal communication where you also want to share your screen -- this is the product that you try and then learn it's what you've been missing your entire distributed working life.
Parker HendersonDaisuke Ishii 石井 大輔Jason
3g version for a "dumb phone" when I want to leave the amusement-park-in-my-pocket at home (especially on weekends).
Alexandre Mouriec./scottMt. Doji
The greatest video call software (and naturally the best for iPhone) for phone or computer in my opinion for quality of video and audio. The quality is so good, that I now do FaceTime coffees with friends and not just work meetings. Stretching it to even music jam sessions (!)❤️
Alexandre Mouriec./scottMax Rovensky
After Wunderlist went down the drain, I found Reminders -- love the simplicity and most of all, the Siri integration from my phone or watch to add things by voice.
You'll probably notice a trend that I'm starting to really love the seamless integration between apple devices and apps (more and more each year... should buy the stock).
Just about feature-complete. Unusable for large projects like design or music production, but the best device for speed and convenience for 97% of my work flow.
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