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Praktizierender Digital Native, Kommunikationswissenschaftler und engagiert in Gesellschaft und Politik. #instaball

#politics, #ux, #tech, #vegan, #ui, #product-design, #ecologyĀ +10
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Jakob FuchsĀ stackedĀ Sorted
It replaced Things for me, because the daily planning is insanely brilliant. The UI is also very nice, although it's more of a copy.
Jakob FuchsĀ stackedĀ eM Client
For me the most powerful mail and calendar app after Outlook, which looks better and is not as slow as Outlook.
I hardly ever come to play anymore, but this game lets me take a break from everyday life for a while. Almost meditative.
Perfect combination of strategy, luck and variation. High replay value!
Jakob FuchsĀ stackedĀ AirPods Pro
Unfortunately they do not fit very well as the normal ones, I use foam attachments.
Jakob FuchsĀ stackedĀ Spotify
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