CTO for Redsson, and co-founder of @uncubed. Ruby and Rails for many years. Currently Elixir, Phoenix and Elm. DevOps via AWS and Terraform.

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jakep36 stacked Calm
I use it for daily calm mediations, but also kids sleep stories in the evenings and every once in a while a walking meditation on my apple watch.
Very adjustable. Comfortable. Good price.
Elen UdovichenkoAlex
It has a great design and easy to add new events with natural language.
I'm able to connect to multiple devices and they are very comfortable and sound great. Pretty good for phone and video calls as you can hear your own voice too.
Trackpad support on the ipad is very good. Having one always on and ready is even better. I like typing on it and how easy it is to close it and take it with me. It does add significant weight to the device, but I'm using the ipad even more now.
I like having two scroll wheels (one for horizontal). The vertical scroll wheel can be toggled on to be very smooth.
good plug-n-play high pixel density display for the MBP. Charges and adds more usb-c ports to plug only one thing it to dock
It heats up very fast and the controls are easy to use. Pouring is well balanced and allows you to easily control water flow.
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