Jake Crump

Jake Crump


Husband to @mattiewhatley. Head of Support @ProductHunt. Owns a printer. Games. Coding. Weightlifting.

#coffee, #movies, #games 
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This is one of 8 apps I keep on my phone's home screen. I play at least one game every day. It's got a dark mode, plenty of options, and a cheap pay once option to remove ads. If you like Sudoku, this is a no brainer.
Calum WebbVlad
I've been meditating for a couple of years now, but I've always disliked guided meditations. I recently decided to try Headspace again, and it's really clicked for me this time. I'm about a month in, and I'm really enjoying it, especially their sleep collections.
Naman KumarLucas H.Rahul
I started shaving my head about 2 months ago, and this has made the experience much better. It has a long battery life, works in the shower, and significantly reduced the amount of time it takes me to shave.
This game is my guilty pleasure. As someone who loves driving and road trips, this is a really nice way to relax and scratch the road trip itch without actually having to leave my house.
This game is so relaxing and fun. It's so great to have another Animal Crossing on the TV as well as being able to play it in handheld. I've played every game in the series and this is another great entry!
Morgan CrutchfieldCalum WebbBen Junya
I've been working out from home for 3 years and getting this has vastly improved the experience over the last year and a half. If you're into weight lifting and want to do so from home, this is a great budget friendly option.
./scottCalum WebbRahul
I switched to this split keyboard after having significant shoulder, elbow, and wrist pain from typing all day. It has really helped, and I don't have any more strain on my wrist/arms. It takes a little while to get used to the split design, but it's totally worth it.
Calum WebbEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
I finally upgraded my office chair and needed something that would accommodate my height (I'm 6'6") along with being ergonomic. This is completely saved my back.
YourStack Mascot