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Jacq stacked Warby Parker
$100 for a new set of work glasses every year. Easy, fun and done.
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Ryan HooverAbadesiRahul
Jacq stacked Sticker Mule
-quality -fast shipping -easy for reordering
Jacq stacked Flux
I have this on at all times on my work computer. Anything I can do to avoid extra eye strain, I'll take it!
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JulieRyan HooverJake Crump
Jacq stacked Ink cards
The fact they have all the addresses saved is a major time save and has brought me back as a customer for the ease of a last minute Christmas card shipment.
Jacq stacked Zoom
My weekly worklife highlight; seeing the whole PH team on Zoom every Monday morning.
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JulieRyan HooverLanre Akinyemi
Gdoc: helping me feel in control of my life.
I love doing quick edits on photos that are 'perfect, except for that one thing'. This app let's me fix all those little things.
Lanre Akinyemi
Jacq stacked BabyCenter
Perfect app for when you're expecting. There's no drama, just science. Every week you get an exciting update on what your lil one is up to. I looked forward to it and my husband and I read them together.
Kevin LiNazdel90Amit
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