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ruchi stacked iPad Pro
My personal computer, tv, book, canvas, notebook, editing studio, all rolled up into one dang nice looking piece of tech :hearteyes:
ruchi stacked Stoop
Blown away by this user experience and it’s pretty much everything I needed to help manage my newsletter consumption. Can’t believe I just found it!
Nitish MittalColeman Foley
ruchi stacked Field Notes
Carry one around with me everywhere. Full of ideas sketches and notes. Got one stolen in SF but that’s just part of the experience I think 🤓 love the different varieties and currently rocking the Chicago special editions.
RichardDiogo FerreiraJulie
ruchi stacked Google Home
Just a simple voice assistant that does what it's supposed to :)
ruchi stacked Streaks
Best way to track and build habits.
Jesse Russell
ruchi stacked GOAT
Other than being the coolest least-BS way to buy sneakers, recently they’ve added the ‘styles’ and also apparel other than sneakers to really become more of a “browsing” app than a sneakers app. 100/10.
ruchi stacked DailyArt
Genuinely the most bite-sized way to enjoy art/art history. Have the paid (1 time) version because I was convinced the creators were really purely passionate about art and that made me happy :)
DavidPratik GandhiColeman Foley
Didn't know how much your mouse mattered till I got this. Always keep it in my backpack!
YourStack Mascot