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ruchi stacked Field Notes
Carry one around with me everywhere. Full of ideas sketches and notes. Got one stolen in SF but that’s just part of the experience I think 🤓 love the different varieties and currently rocking the Chicago special editions.
ruchi stacked Google Home
Just a simple voice assistant that does what it's supposed to :)
ruchi stacked Streaks
Best way to track and build habits.
ruchi stacked GOAT
Other than being the coolest least-BS way to buy sneakers, recently they’ve added the ‘styles’ and also apparel other than sneakers to really become more of a “browsing” app than a sneakers app. 100/10.
ruchi stacked DailyArt
Genuinely the most bite-sized way to enjoy art/art history. Have the paid (1 time) version because I was convinced the creators were really purely passionate about art and that made me happy :)
Didn't know how much your mouse mattered till I got this. Always keep it in my backpack!
ruchi stacked Command E
Wow. 1 keystroke to search *_everything_*. True gamechanger.
This is an incredibly old model. But, the setup of subwoofer, 2 speakers, an amazingly user-friendly control pod for volume/mute, combined with the truly great sound quality... literally one of the best speakers I've heard to this date. You can probably pick it up for cheap too!
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