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This is my first fitness tracker and am extremely impressed with it's functionality, battery life and build quality.
It has everything you would expect from a polished git client but being closer to the metal means it easily out performs it's competition.
I started with Sublime and it has always been my trusted text editor of choice, there was a fleeting moment where i used visual studio code which does have some advantages but nothing can beat Sublimes performance.
I use this tool to manage my workflow and quickly switch between applications i most frequently use.
Useful for quickily finding commonly used symbols and emoji's
Privacy shouldn't be a premium (but often is charged like one) so it's great to see an analytics service which has a simple, focused product at a reasonable price.
Silviu StMarko Saric
Indepensible tool for checking if your personal information was found in a breach.
Ryan HooverAbadesi
More secure than alternatives and also significantly cheaper.
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