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Usually the custom Slackmoji maker. social impact & product. Formerly PM @ Brandless

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Lindsay Lee stacked Fohm
Butt foam. I'm not kidding. Fohm automatically/touch-free dispenses fragrance free, pH balanced foam onto your TP to turn it into a wet wipe, preventing pipe-clogging. My 1st choice would've been a bidet but our water hookup is weird, so I'm glad to have found this. It's awesome!
Beautiful, functional, modular, and searchable. I still use it in combination with GSuite [it hasn't fully replaced it], but it's absolutely changed the game for me for both personal and professional uses.
An essential app for any Magic: The Gathering player! MTG just released their own companion app, but I don't find that their lifetracker is better than this one. While I wish there was more configurability to save common custom settings [e.g. Commander play] it does the job!
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I'm an avid cook & try to reduce waste as much as I can. Bee's Wrap has become my staple for wrapping partially-used produce. Notably better than single-use plastic wrap/bags & less space-consuming than containers. Kept an halved avocado green for 3 days! Worth the upfront cost
I'm currently contracting for the first time & learning how to track my hours efficiently. Free & makes it easy to group hours by project & run quick reports to add to invoices. Chrome extension & smart integrations in tools like Clubhouse, Notion, Asana, Google Cal are so useful
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A cute Slack app that pairs you with someone on your team to meet with virtually. A great tool for quickly-growing or remote teams that encourages easy person-to-person connection. A great way to discuss non-work interests & to meet someone you haven't had the chance to before.
Personalized protein powder with beautiful & approachable design for first-timers or seasoned users (no more giant tubs with bodybuilders covered in oil on the label). Love that it comes with flavor sticks so you don't get fatigued on a single flavor day after day.
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Lindsay Lee stacked Libby
If you have/can get a library card (and especially if you also have a Kindle) Libby is a must-have. You can borrow/hold library books/audiobooks & send them directly to your Kindle once they're available. No need to leave the house to get reading material or spend $.
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