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Jack Cohen stacked Story.ai
Haven't had a chance to try this product just yet, but if it functions as marketed, then it won't take me long to become a superfan. The goal, as I understand it, is to create programmable words within GDoc-style creation platform so that you can build integrations/powerups.
Jack Cohen stacked Nolt
Elegantly simple dashboard for beta users to help inform the feedback cycle and future roadmap for consumer products. Not overbuilt, but quick to stand up an instance and deepen the relationship between your early users and the future product.
Jack Cohen stacked Vacation
There is no better nostalgia wizard on the web than Mr. Marty Bell himself—founder of Poolside.fm, Tens.co, and now Vacation—this sunscreen brand is wrapped in nostalgic goodness. And who doesn't love a fake business card. ;)
Jack Cohen stacked Rive
As 3D permeates every inch of the web, its creation is democratized in large part through tools like Rive, Spline, and others. Super excited for this new 3D-enhanced world.
Jack Cohen stacked Any Distance
Think Unfold meets Strava. Create beautiful social assets from your Strava (or Apple Health etc.) data in an instant as well as gain new badges based on your activity goals, locations, and more. One of the most intuitive apps I've used in the last few years. Must download.
Jack Cohen stacked Synthesia
Video is the most engaging medium by a mile. If this helps augment production and editing for brands who can't afford 6-figure agencies (just one of many use cases), it'll be incredibly powerful.
Jack Cohen stacked Milk Video
Removes the friction of branding/professionalizing boring-looking webinars into content with legs for post-session distribution and social sharing.
Jack Cohen stacked Highlighted
Simple OCR iOS app that lets me digitally save sections of offline books and keeps them nice and organized in the app.
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