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For those TestFlight trackers out there, this app aggregates TestFlight consumer apps so early-adopters have a new home to track and test out the latest and greatest products.
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Found out about this in a Gurley interview where he cited this book as his most influential and favorite book so had to give it a shot. Fascinating story of the history of the Sante Fe Institute and the cross-disciplinary quest to study complexity itself. Eye-opening & relevant.
I've been searching for a single master inbox for all of my texts (iMessages) & every social platform DMs for a long time and this is it. Kishan & team have built an amazing product with smart search, strong filters, superfast shortcuts, and great bidirectional syncing. +100
One of the most unique social worlds I've seen in a long time (a la Second Life, etc.) focused around the avatar experience. Think they have the pote ntial to capture and ride the macrotrend of digital identities becoming more built out and varied. Great cross-platform branding.
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Definitely impressive eye/head-tracking that keeps the little Loom-esque bubble accurately framing your face. That said, not sure how much I love another tool to monitor during a Zoom call when I'm presenting. Promising, but ask me how I feel in a few weeks.
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Macro gives your meetings superpowers. But seriously, it's built on top of Zoom's SDK and turns any old Zoom into a much more interactive experience with smart notetaking (synced with GoogleDocs, etc.), airtime monitoring, collab mode, and much more. Highly recommend.
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Jack Cohen stacked WHOOP
About a week in, loving the correlation between recovery & strain + seeing how certain late night food/drink affects me for better or for worse. Also, battery life is amazing and the device as a whole is super lightweight. Great job, Will.
Might be an older app, but still love the simplicity of 'tell me what you have' -> 'here's what you can make.' Coupled with High Ball, my two go-to beverage apps.
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