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Piyush Sonar


Full Stack Developer and Full Time Curious

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Audible is a big part of my life. I listen to audiobooks all. the. time.
Incredibly time-saving and sticky. I have over 200 passwords in here and it makes it easy to log into things with one tap and maintain unique passwords. Dashlane makes privacy and security user-friendly.
Loan books/magazines from the library on mobile and kindle without ever visiting the library.
I can't use the internet without it, it's the first thing I install without fail whenever I'm at a new computer.
Switched over to it from Chrome because it runs better on my laptop and also because it has better privacy defaults.
My favorite cross-platform podcasting app. Treats podcasts the way I like as an Old, but syncs across Android, iPhone, and the web.
Dead simple way to script on Windows. I use this to remap Caps Lock key to open a new tab in Edge.
I love reading and I'm a bookworm so I love connecting with my friends to see what books they recommend.
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