Juan Germano

Juan Germano

@imgermiĀ Ā 

UX/Product Designer based in Buenos Aires.

#ux, #sustainability, #reading, #freelancing, #moneyĀ 
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Juan GermanoĀ stackedĀ Waking Up
A different type of guided meditation.
Juan GermanoĀ stackedĀ Flow
Dead simple timer. No stats involved. When it's time for a break, a giant green screen will interrupt your work and make you rest.
No USB-c nonsense. A great laptop I could reset to factory and get the impression it's brand new. Almost 5 years running, still strong.
A great tool to learn how to keep going.
Juan GermanoĀ stackedĀ Whereby
Excellent performance. I can see another person without any disgusting lag.
A good way to keep my calendar out of my browser, while having powerful tools/features. My favourite one: the "Join" button to join a call.
Juan GermanoĀ stackedĀ Figma
Excellent tool to create. Interfaces, websites, apps, design systems, slide decks. Even collaborative sprints.
Juan GermanoĀ stackedĀ Bear
Great for creating a note taking system that works for you. Since it's markdown base, it's also good for a markdown blog.
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