Ayush Tiwari

Ayush Tiwari


Product designer and Design enthusiast

#marketing, #startups, #tech, #investing, #design, #product-design, #product +9
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Ayush Tiwari stacked Bitwarden
Live saver, All my passwords now can be accessed quickly
It's beautifully designed, fast and easy
Ayush Tiwari stacked Walling
Great product for curating ideas across internet
Ayush Tiwari stacked Buffer
Easy and fast
Ayush Tiwari stacked Pitch
What Figma does to designing, Pitch did it to slides. Easy and hustle free
I still don't understand the full context of the book but I'm trying and whatever I've understood, is just mind blowing
Ayush Tiwari stacked smallcase
Super easy for theme based investing
Ayush Tiwari stacked Eagle
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