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I Love Fortunes, LLC is a resource devoted to teaching folks how to build & maintain their personal fortunes (not fortune cookies!).

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James Clear is just like his name says "Clear". Great writing style & super useful.
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Anything that competes with Google is a real plus in my book. ;-)
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Boom just works. It enhances all sounds on your Mac. Really great for music, obviously, but also for the spoken word, too. Love how you can have separate settings for each app.
Best fitness tracker that can also make phone calls! Dick Tracy was so cool & now I can be just like him.
Best AI for recognizing and parsing appointment & scheduling data. Can't be without it.
Grammarly is fast and works in your browser for creating those quick WordPress posts. Saves time and embarrassment!
Great way to learn to speak and comprehend a new language. Sure could have used this when I was in school back in the day.
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