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building @moodfoodsnacks, find my recipes @bettertakeout

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I love using Google reverse image search, super helpful for when you're trying to find the best quality of a particular image and to see all the sites a particular item is listed (for price comparison)
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Magnet has been making my life easier since 2014, I almost forget it's not a feature built in on laptops when I use someone else's computer and recently when I switched over to a new one myself. Thankful for this tiny, but life-changing app!
AbadesiEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)Alan
Personally, prefer the wittiness and satire found in the New Yorker as well as their well-executed essays in a sea of doomsday, clickbait news.
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Investing in a good handbag that doubles as tote bag, opening the zipper on the sides makes the bag expand, very chic-ly may I add, this is a Phillip Lim classic. Practical for work and functions as gorgeous day to day bag as well.
AbadesiEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
I've been reading the ramblings of one Leandra Medine since the inception, in the past decade, she evolved her personal brand into a media powerhouse and has helped shaped the voice of many of our generation. Not to mention liberation via style.
AaronTaylor Majewski
Have been using as my secret to cool curated music for a decade now! Started when I was in college and I still turn to them to discovery new artists and chill tunes. It's an oldie but a good one!
Ryan HooverMordekai
Their monthly newsletter is golden! They are a great intersection of mindfulness meets consumerism, subscribe for their great curated content highlighting mental wellness, enjoying daily life.
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One of my favorite newsletters, Prof. Scott's takes are insightful and more often than not, hilarious. Subscribe for the scoop on tech & business with a side of attitude.
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