Intern @ Science Inc. USC student.

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Pro tips
Material Theme & Material Icon Theme

Find in the extensions marketplace. Make your VSCode so beautiful that you want to code just to look at your IDE. I use Palenight.

Keyboard Macros

Get some macros software (I use TextExpander) and program in your templates. Start lighting your Roam up like you've never lit it up before.

My daily template (assigned to ;start):

- Good morning!

- Time:

- --------------------

- [[Morning Pages]]

- --------------------

- {{[[TODO]]}} Breakfast

- {{[[TODO]]}} Shower

- {{[[TODO]]}} Communications catchup

- --------------------

- {{[[query]]: {and: [[Recurring]] [[Thursday]]}}}

- --------------------

Intersitial Journalling

Use "/time" to insert a timestamp into your notes. I /time in between focused work to check in with myself, write down any ad-hoc todos, and just stay generally on track.

Customize Colors on macOS

Synapse 3 is not built for macOS and is still in beta - but macOS users can customize their colours using this open source application: https://github.com/1kc/razer-macos

Quick move between channels

Alt + Up/Down arrow.

Colourblindness Themes

If you're colourblind (like me) head over to Preferences -> Themes and try out one of the themes for your kind of colourblindness.

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