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Intern @ Science Inc. USC student.

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IgorĀ stackedĀ Itsycal
Quick glance calendar - say no more.
Vajresh Balaji
My choice IDE for Javascript.
IgorĀ stackedĀ Node-RED
Use as a visual code editor for business logic. Runs on an EC2. Executes as promised, and I enjoy building out flows in the visual editor.
IgorĀ stackedĀ Stratechery
Best coverage I have found on technology and business strategy. I like that the articles can be a challenging read - every morning I learn something new from Ben Thompson.
AndrewCalcutta Puri
IgorĀ stackedĀ Figma
I'm not a designer by any stretch of the imagination - but Figma's UI is so intuitive that I managed to pick the tool up very quickly and now enjoy assisting where I can in design work. Absolutely fantastic software.
IgorĀ stackedĀ Brave
Faster than Chrome, and the fact that it's built on Chromium means I never have Chrome FOMO.
IgorĀ stackedĀ TextExpander
Follow @Conaw's lead and use TextExpander as a force multiplier for Roam Research.
IgorĀ stackedĀ Roam Research
Why do I love Roam šŸ¤” 1. All of my journalling, task management and note taking takes place here 2. Self organizing structure using backlinks perfect for my ADD 3. Custom themes: I use a purple version of Zenith
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