Chris Sheffield

Chris Sheffield


Global Head of Client Services | Writer | Formerly @paypal @telstra |

#weightlifting, #cinema, #advertisting, #startups, #startup, #venture-capital 
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Quarterly shipments to the door Beautiful recyclable wrapping Does what it is su-poo-sed to
Ryan HooverAaron
Jonathan Filbert
Where I blog weekly / ""
Big fan of using this as a productivity planner. My favourite feature so far is logging activity with links. Saves me time by removing the need to jump from application to application.
Lanre Akinyemi
I have used every video conferencing platform there is. Zoom > everyone else.
My daily guilty pleasure. Where I go to find all the newest SaaS products in the market.
Allows me to work on my 5min Chess and play my brother on the other side of the world.
What else are you going to use?
YourStack Mascot