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I'm not sure how I would live without this fast, sleek, and "extension-abled" web browser. And yes, I have 30+ tabs open right now.
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Slack is a collaboration tool which allows teams to communicate in topic-based channels, share files, and it also allows for integrations with applications such as Google Cal, Google Drive, Zoom, and loads more! If your teams aren't Slack (or something similar), sorry.
These headphones are the epitome of design and sound quality in an audio device. I like that they are extremely comfortable, produce great sound, and cancel noise effectively whether I'm travelling by train, plane, or just working in an office. Did I mention they look good too?
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Sankara stacked Monzo
A truly digital bank that boasts not only a great app UI and a host of other features to aid your budgeting and saving - but also an active community where customers are listened to. Never thought I would never need to visit a bank branch, but the future of banking is Monzo!
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Sankara stacked Oura
I talk about the Oura ring as though I was one of the product managers behind it! It's a sleep and activity tracker in the form of an elegant, minimalistic ring. It pairs with a mobile app to provide tons of info and insights about your sleep quality, level of activity, and more!
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I'm only stacking Gmail because Inbox by Google is no longer with us :(
The Apple iPad Pro is the most refined tablet on the market. I like its design and form factor; it's a lot of power packed into such a slim body - it's almost like my laptop's mini-me!
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Trello is great for organising information - one of the best productivity tools around! I use it at home to make to do lists, at work to create product roadmaps, and on holidays to make travel guides. I like its simplicity, flexibility, and using it on all of my devices!
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