Jake Hung Tran

Jake Hung Tran


a junior product designer happens to eat tomatoes every day 🍅

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The ultimate workspace for your web browser. The ultimate tab management. At first, I thought it was about manage web apps, it was really about manage tabs. That's the ultimate task for web based productivity. Great job!
I tend to seek for online magazines and articles all over the web; so have Feedly fetches news daily is truly awesome
My ultimate Saved Later Dashboard. Anything that is important on the web is all going here. Love it.
Best app to stop distraction ever. Social media have lots of distraction features, but it doesn't mean you stop using them. They are really helpful.
Great pricing in my country + Unbeatable Catalog in my country
Doesn't matter which OS are you on. A truly all-in-one end to end design solution. Marvelous! Sketch should be ashamed!
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