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Hung Pham


Esports & Finance @PrizePayments 🚀 Previously @fragbitecom @hltvorg @microsoft Hult BBA Finance '20

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Call me basic, but I love the mint mojito.
Hung Pham stacked Venmo
Best way to pay friends for shared dinners... And charge them for shared ubers.
Hung Pham stacked Lyft
Love lyft. Rides consistently priced lower than Uber. Also, $5 for every 5 business rides? I'm in.
Simplest and safest way to invest in crypto.
Hung Pham stacked Spotify
Family plans are ridiculously cheap. Came for the music, stayed for the price.
Best laptop I've ever used. Not the cheapest option for students... But at least you get free headphones if you buy a MacBook when the Fall semester starts!
Hung Pham stacked Notion
The holy grail of (not just) note-taking. The most robust, simple-to-use, cross-platform note-taking app I've ever used.
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