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Hugo stacked Todoist
Greatest todo app ever.
Hugo stacked Ghost
Independent blogging platform. I run the self-hosted version.
AaronCalum Webbtmos lack
Are you starting to notice a theme? Privacy focused analytics, only tracking the essentials and not intruding on your visitors.
Aaronpaul jarvisJack Ellis
Everyone should have some kind of VPN, if only for when you're on a public network.
Bryan BlanchotPaul McKellarCalum Webb
Hugo stacked ProtonMail
No gratuitous scanning of your inbox for advertising purposes, what more do you want ;)
James IrwinEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Hugo stacked Firefox
Focus on privacy, especially love the container feature that allows you to open a fresh browser "session" in a tab.
Mikołaj Zaremba
Have simply not come across a better integrated, smoothly working calendar.
Hugo stacked Dropbox
Have had this since the days of their legendary referral program and have lots of free storage because of it. Also just works flawlessly across devices.
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