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No reasons needed for that one I guess :)
There are a lot of alternatives to Pocket but what I like about it is the ecosystem around it, for example I use this Chrome Extension https://bit.ly/2VxO7UE to change my Chomr new tab to display a list of saved items so I'm always reminded
I've tried multiple macOS apps that can fetch the lyrics of the current track either I'm playing it on Spotify or iTunes or whatever. LyricX catches the current track automatically and can display the lyrics either in the top status bar or as an always-on-top window.
Ryan Hoover
I use Basecamp extensively for my personal projects, it helps me to arrange my thoughts, to-do lists and it supports up to 3 projects for free.
I like the UI of Spark, it is smooth and clean. It has the smart folders features so you can create inboxes that filter emails on your defined criteria.
The best RSS consuming app I've tried for macOS, it comes with multiple features like import/export subscriptions, sharing and organizing feeds in folders.
Elegant software UI. Cheep. Fast.
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