Joe Hootman

Joe Hootman


Love to make computers think about data, write code, craft essays. Fav: Python, SQL. Disciple of Jesus, husband, dad. Austin, TX.

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"I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else." ― C.S. Lewis
Joe Hootman stacked HEY
Small and scrappy is the happiest place to be. Appreciate founders for their past efforts making work human. Figuring out more from usage. Hey, y’all.
Joe Hootman stacked Dwell
Killer meditation app with a Spotify vibe. God speaks his living Word from scripture through the diverse voices of the global church. Brings me daily hope, humility, and peace. Fourth most-funded app of all time on Kickstarter.
Dark mode is not a fashion accessory, but the key to accessibility for a lot of folks. Often does a better job rendering than than some native implementations. “Here, I fixed it for you.”
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Did you know RSS stands for Read Smarter and Savvier? Rather than succumbing to a MegaCorp's triggering timeline, follow the ongoing work of thoughtful writers who aim a little higher than the brainstem.
So far I've been pleasantly surprised to see voices included that come at a story from genuinely different viewpoints. Surfaces some of my fav under-covered outlets. Challenges me from places I disagree with. Gives hope for conversation together in a deeply fractured society.
Journalism is not dead. Investigative reporting and quality longread storytelling are rebundled here. Got it for the Major League Baseball, stayed for the so much more.
Releases the stress around short term memory task retention to focus on remixing bigger-picture plans.
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