Joe Hootman

Joe Hootman


I help computers think about data. I write code and also essays. Disciple of Jesus. Big marriage and family energy. Austin, Texas 🤠. Living wisely with limits.

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Often, my spontaneous prayer life falls off and needs jump-starting through regular structure throughout the day. Regular scripture reading. Closing the day by folding it up into self-awareness of God's existing presence within it and promise for tomorrow.
Society to spur human thinking past even our "long-term" horizons into the far-beyond future. 10k year clock (not YYYY {4} but YYYYY {5}). Archiving all human languages, 3k books to reconstruct civilization. I personally groove on its "Canticle for Liebowitz" monastic mission.
The slick, elegant front-end to dive into your RSS feeds, in-app or from providers like Inoreader or Feedly.
DnD (🤎) meets GTD in an open source project. Keeps more tasks out of my short-term memory and builds them into habits that stick. Joked about by fans as "Crackbitica" and some people give it up for Lent.
Dollars flow to artists. Hi-fi delivery long before the giants contemplated it. Delights with its surprise recommendations. Feels like a more of an honest fan relationship with the artist than renting her music at $0.00000000000001 per play.
Did you know RSS stands for Read Smarter and Savvier? Rather than succumbing to a MegaCorp's triggering timeline, follow the ongoing work of thoughtful writers who aim a little higher than the brainstem.
Developer- and wallet-friendly. Believes in, and furthers, open source.
Quarterly journal thinking about humanity's best and worst interactions with technology. "Our aim is a culture in which science and technology work for, not on, human beings."
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