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Zach Holman


building a thing + angel investing + startup advising
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Went from “I hate this” to “I love this” a couple years ago. I like having fitness tracking on my person especially during runs and other workouts. ProTip™: get rid of most of your notifications. Keep those on your phone, not your wrist.
Aleksandra SmelianskaRyan HooverTodd
4 months ago
It’s a really straightforward, clean UI, and abstracts a lot of the bad Gmail decisions away. Love having a native desktop client for email.
4 months ago
Totally worth the subscription dollars. Great soccer coverage — international *and* domestic MLS coverage — and some great writers.
6 months ago
Been getting into angel investing this year, as well as deepening some advising of startups, which I've been doing for a few years now. AngelList is the real game in town for both, so yeah, I've been spending decent time on there lately.
5 months ago
I'm not a *huge* podcast guy, but there's some arcane MLS podcasts I like to follow, and Breaker is the best podcast client I've used. Definitely keeps a place on my home screen, and a perpetual "ugh I really need more time to listen to more podcasts" level in my heart.
6 months ago
After years of eschewing todo apps, I now can't live without 'em. Turns out as you get older you actually have a better use for todo lists.
6 months ago
I'm still big on RSS after all these years, and Reeder is the best feed reader there is.
6 months ago
Also a similar train wreck.
6 months ago
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