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Went from “I hate this” to “I love this” a couple years ago. I like having fitness tracking on my person especially during runs and other workouts. ProTip™: get rid of most of your notifications. Keep those on your phone, not your wrist.
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It’s a really straightforward, clean UI, and abstracts a lot of the bad Gmail decisions away. Love having a native desktop client for email.
Been getting into angel investing this year, as well as deepening some advising of startups, which I've been doing for a few years now. AngelList is the real game in town for both, so yeah, I've been spending decent time on there lately.
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I've moved around with speakers at home, too- from AirPlay to Chrome Cast to hardwired speakers, and Sonos is just real goddamn good. Their speakers are fantastic, easy to set up, and integrated really well with my existing hardwired speakers.
Swarm is great just to have a history of where the hell I've been. Can't tell you the number of times I've gone back to a city for the first time in five years and been able to figure out what that cool nook-and-cranny cocktail bar we stumbled on was so we can visit it again.
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Totally worth the subscription dollars. Great soccer coverage — international *and* domestic MLS coverage — and some great writers.
Trying to learn Romanian, bit by bit!
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It's like a trainwreck that you can't look away from.
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