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Hiten Shah


Investor/advisor in 120+ companies. Co-founder of @usefyi & @producthabits with @MarieProkopets. Started @crazyegg & KISSmetrics. Podcast @startupchat. 🤓🙏✌️
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Hiten Shah stacked fyi
I'm one of the co-founders so I'm very biased. FYI helps people find their documents in 3 clicks or less across all the apps they use.
Andrew Dewez
6 months ago
I'm a huge fan of speeding up my ability to learn and also choose what I dive into. Blinkist helps me review a book in just a few minutes via audio or text to decide whether I want to read it or not. A huge time saver.
Brendan Weinstein
6 months ago
Hiten Shah stacked Gmail
The *best* email experience across all the email accounts I have. One simple interface that I am so very used to that it's like a third arm to me.
Ryan HooverBrendan Weinstein
6 months ago
Managing a schedule can be quite challenging without Google Calendar.
6 months ago's science-backed audio tracks help me focus. They also have ones for relaxation and more. I stick to the focus ones.
6 months ago
I use Google Maps daily when I drive. It's so easy to use, accurate and helps me get to places and know how long it'll take. Easy, simple and quite useful.
6 months ago
Hiten Shah stacked Bear
I've used pretty much every notes app there has been! Bear is the best notes app I've found because it just works and has enough of the key features that prevent me from switching.
6 months ago
I listen to audio at 2x speed on Audible and get through at least one book a week that way. I can't live without this product.
6 months ago
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