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Dan Murphy


Ad Ops and Community Team @Brave. Love non-fiction, self-development. Sometimes I write things.

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This resurfaces my favorite quotes (and books!) that I've completely forgotten about over the last few years. Sometimes, they're timed very well.
Stefan NatterTiffany Williams
Dan Murphy stacked Notion
Notion is becoming my go-to place to store everything. A personal wiki, contact info, notes, ideas, and more end up here. It takes a bit to understand, but once you figure it out, you'll love it. The mobile experience is a little weird at times, but getting better.
Dan Murphy stacked Naval
If there's one podcast to listen to, it's this one. Naval and Nivi do a great job with it. If you don't walk away from this podcast thinking about it, you're doing something wrong. Suggested: "How to Get Rich" - https://nav.al/rich There are lessons on a lot more than wealth.
Dan Murphy stacked Feedly
Helps me not spending time checking and re-checking websites for news and updates. Everything is in one spot, saving me a ton of time. RSS, please never die.
A simple, beautiful, easy-to-use habit tracker with iCloud sync available for iOS and MacOS. Have it auto-track your water intake, your mindful minutes, tracking your weight, and more. And, its's private. Nothing is sent to them.
There's amazing podcasts covering everything under the sun. Use your car / walking / transit time to learn something on the go.
Dan Murphy stacked Brave
Kiss 3rd party ads and tackers goodbye, and keep creepy ad tech companies out of your business. Ads you opt into, you control, and *reward* your attention. Fast - 3-6x speed increase over other browsers. I work for Brave, but that didn't influence me to post this. :)
NavalDes Martin
Sending videos, images, etc. is fast. Sharing via iMessage is excellent. SMS needs to go away.
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