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LanguageTool offers spell and grammar checking. It replaced Grammarly for me. It supports more languages and looks better.
My favorite To do list app right now.
I'm done with Google. It was getting worse and worse everyday. Now I'm using DDG. They don't track you, they have no ads, and they have dark mode.
MikoŇāaj ZarembaCalum Webb
MikoŇāaj Zaremba¬†stacked¬†Signal
The most secure and private messaging app I know.
MikoŇāaj Zaremba¬†stacked¬†Authy
Good 2FA app, but it's not open source.
MikoŇāaj Zaremba¬†stacked¬†Android
Mobile, Open source operating system.
MikoŇāaj Zaremba¬†stacked¬†Keybase
Encryption for everyone.
MikoŇāaj Zaremba¬†stacked¬†VLC
Simple, but powerful media player
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