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Helena stacked Waking Up
A bright and clean approach to meditation, I love the simplicity of it. Sam Harris's voice is soothing and helped me sit through 10 minutes-ish every morning of meditation :)
AaronJesse RussellColeman Foley
Helena stacked Figma
What don't I love about this thing?!
Helena stacked Bear
Pure & simple! I use Bear for my personal writing, completely seperated from work and admin related stuff. It's the safest place for me to write for myself 💌
Calum Webb
Helena stacked Mailspring
Manage all my email accounts in one place. Read receipts. Beautiful design.
Helena stacked Cactus
Brief daily prompts with adorable animations that gets me reflecting 🥰
Ryan HooverAaronEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Helena stacked Notion
It's just so easy and scalable. I use a monthly kanban and categorise items by tags and emojis.
Helena stacked Whimsical
Makes all my work beautiful and organised!
Jake Hung TranRyan Hoover
Helena stacked Overcast
Easy to use and shows all the podcasts I'm following in a beautiful grid. It also records how many minutes I have listed to and how many minutes I saved using 1.2x
james tietPASCAL TIEMANNWilson (BlockSurvey)
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