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Naman Kumar


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Use it everyday. Longer battery life would have been amazing.
Ryan Hoover
It was an interesting 1 hour spent. Would recommend it.
Ryan HooverLanre AkinyemiDan Edwards
Freshly roast coffee delivered in a day. Perfect for my cold brew craft.
It has premium build quality and satisfying typing experience. With it's strong battery backup, I rarely have to charge it. Auto-fading of backlit keys based on proximity sensor improves batter life. Multi-client feature works well for my use-case. I love this keyboard.
Radoslav StankovRahulCalum Webb
The daily dose of self improvement ideas. Best for people who don't have enough time to read a lot. I spend my morning travel time on this app.
Radoslav StankovRahulCalum Webb
Use it for screen recording but not as smooth as other solutions.
Tipping Point is a good book and I recommend every one to read it. Success stories like that of Hush Puppies, are a great part of history to learn from. Gladwell gets pretty dry in the middle but one should stick reading through it. Great book indeed.
DavidTaylor MajewskiNat
Behind my most productive hours spent. Even better with background music.
Calum Webb𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐨.lindsay fuce
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