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Innovation, strategy and digital person @weareflyingcars , also arsenal, cycling, intersectionality, politics, family, food - eating & cooking

#sustainability, #product-management, #marketing, #movies, #analytics, #customer, #cookingĀ +7
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henry rowlingĀ stackedĀ NTS Radio
Love this platform. So much weird and wonderful music on it.
henry rowlingĀ stackedĀ Pitch
Just getting started with this presentation platform. Very nice look and UX so far :-)
henry rowlingĀ stackedĀ AeroPress
Quick, low-tech, low environmental impact, small and makes great coffee
jbroomeLancelot HARDELBryan Alcorn
henry rowlingĀ stackedĀ RunKeeper
I love tracking my running. I aim for month on month increases in distance covered and runkeeper really helps keep me motivated šŸ˜Ž
henry rowlingĀ stackedĀ MURAL
In the last 6 months I have been using Mural near daily for work. It is a fabulous piece of software for collaborating remotely on projects, ideas generation, workshops and strategy. It is browser-based, intuitive and new features come on stream weekly. Love, love, love it!
This is a fantastic book about modernising work environments to make them more productive. It has many suggested improvements to make companies more agile, supportive of innovation, continuous learning and building diverse empowered workforces. Hugely recommend this.
This is a fantastic station. Great to listen to while working and also really good to use as background music if you are running remote workshops when people are doing silent work :-)
daynaM.Lesley Chang
It's a great blueprint
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