Helen Min

Helen Min


Head of marketing @plaid. Previously @quora, @dropbox, @facebook. Mother, loyal friend, storyteller, lover of Peanuts comics. Rage tweets are my own. #resist

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Helen Min stacked Caviar
Food delivery app of choice. Best selection of restaurants for me. I like their brand and UI. I'm irrationally loyal. Don't mess this up, DoorDash!
Kapil KaleNaval
Helen Min stacked Lime
Makes a satisfying sound when scooter unlocks.
Helen Min stacked Quora
User number 1025 🤓 Fun to find real experts on topics answer questions. Such a great mission and still so much potential ❤️
Ali EnginNavalRyan Hoover
Helen Min stacked goop
I love this brand. Skincare products are great and their buyers curate a great selection of clothing and jewelry on the site. Big fan of their travel/city guides as well. Note: I'm not an anti-vaxxer.
Got hooked as an employee and never left. The reactions could be improved.
Great for backing up photos. Works well for different kids of shared albums.
OnutzOmer Perchik
Helen Min stacked Uber
Small improvements all the time. Also, I’m a creature of habit. And prefer black to pink.
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