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Helen Min


Head of marketing @plaid. Previously @quora, @dropbox, @facebook. Mother, loyal friend, storyteller, lover of Peanuts comics. Rage tweets are my own. #resist


User number 1025 🤓 Fun to find real experts on topics answer questions. Such a great mission and still so much potential ❤️
Food delivery app of choice. Best selection of restaurants for me. I like their brand and UI. I'm irrationally loyal. Don't mess this up, DoorDash!
Makes a satisfying sound when scooter unlocks.
Small improvements all the time. Also, I’m a creature of habit. And prefer black to pink.
I love this brand. Skincare products are great and their buyers curate a great selection of clothing and jewelry on the site. Big fan of their travel/city guides as well. Note: I'm not an anti-vaxxer.
I like following obscure psuedo-celebs with great style here. Have also discovered a few inde jewelry designers. And friends, dogs, babies, fomo-ing, etc.
Makes me feel like a serious runner even though I'm not.
It just works.
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Helen Min knowns about #politics, #fintech, #investing, #tech, #startups, #parenting, #startup, #marketing

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